Annual Function of any school is the culmination point of all school activities. It is the session's round up where all achievements are shared with parents from a grand stage. Annual Function at Subodh is one of the gala events attracting not only its students but media as well as the city's attention due to the heights of grandeur and magnificence attained by the cultural performances in this well timed and finely managed event.

One special feature that makes Subodh Annual Day outstanding is the different theme on which it is based every year.

1. Session 2017-18 – 'GEET GAYA PATHARON NE'
2. Session 2016-17 – 'AAO PHIR SE DIYA JALAYE'
3. Session 2015-16 – 'SHUNYA SE SHIKHAR TAK' – Virtues are the Eliseir of life, the manna-a never diminishing source of joy and eternal bliss.
4. Session 2010-11 – 'PANCH TATVA' – Depiction of the five elements or the fundamental factors to which we owe our origin.
5. Session 2009-10 – 'JANA-GANA-MANA' – A theme profuse with patriotic fervour, a special theme indeed for a very special occasion – The Silver Jubilee Year of the school.
6. Session 2008-09 – 'KAL AAJ AUR KAL' – Reflecting the mood of social change and creativity of hindi cinema from 1930s till date.

The Go- abouts of the Annual Show

Subsequent to the finalizing of the theme, there is a gamut of activities viz – selection and recording of music, choreography, costume designing etc. Each dance number or performance is prepared under the supervision of the dance Incharges and guidance of the cultural Incharges. Practice schedules are given and rehearsals proceed while regular classes remaining undisturbed. The Incharges for costumes, props and make-up have a big contribution to make the event colourful and memorable.