Community Development

1. 'The key to happy life is sustained relationships, challenging work and connections to community'. Community Development Program in school intends to imbibe humanitarian and compassionate outlook in school children.

2. Students from all the sections make voluntary contributions towards community services.

3. Under this program Time and again many distributions in the form of food packets, clothing, hygiene packets, stationery items etc. are done on festive occasions and important days in slum areas, ashrams and orphanages.

4. The school has adopted two government schools - Gandhi Nagar Girls' school and Govt. School, Sahakar Marg to facilitate them with their required basic amenities.

5. Under cleanliness derive and to maintain hygiene, toilet construction was undertaken at Gandhi Nagar Girls school and the students wiped off the thrash from the surroundings.

6. Under the campaign "FOOD FOR ALL- ANNAKSHETRA" a refrigerator has been installed in the school wherein spare food is stored to be distributed among the destitute.

7. 'CHARITY BEGINS FROM HOME' with this mission the school helping staff is always considerate on all special occasions.

8. Community services in the school helps in developing a sense of compassion and benevolence towards deprived and underprivileged.

9. The program works with the motto - We can't help everyone but everyone can help someone.