1. Underage driving and driving without valid license is to be monitored firmly, failing which the owner of the vehicle will be liable for legal punishment under Section 5 of Motor Vehicle Act 1988 and as per Sec.180 and such a person may be penalized for an imprisonment upto 3 month or a fine upto Rs.1000/- or both.
  2. Use of mobile phone during driving is a punishable offence under Section 21 (25) C/184(4) of Motor Vehicle Act 1988.
  3. Valid license should be kept in person, failing which the traffic authorities will initiate legal action under Sec.181 of Motor Vehicle Act (Sec.3) and such vehicles are also not allowed to park inside the school premises.
  4. Two wheeler riders to wear approved ISI mark headgears(helmets) and don't forget to tie its chain strip. They should possess licence, vehicle registration, pollution control certificate and insurance of the vehicle and school I.D.card.
  5. General Guidelines: a)Use indicators while taking turns and look both the sides before turning. b) Stop at red light c) Honk only when necessary d) Stipulated speed limit be maintained e) Overtake a vehicle from right f) Alcohol+Driving+ Speed= Deadly combination f)Opt alternative modes of transportation like carpooling,walking or riding a bicycle to cover a short distance,shopping by phone or mail. h) Cross only at zebra crossings, traffic signals, subways and foot overbridges.
  6. Observe strictly traffic signage's / symbols on road and crossings.
  7. Parents to motivate students to follow all the safety rules laid down by the traffic police such as Not to do 'rough and rash driving', Driving without helmet/valid license. Only 02 persons including bike rider is allowed to travel/sit on two wheeler.
  8. Parking of vehicles at designated places inside the school premises is a must, failing which the authourties will initiate firm action.
    1. Entry for parents : Use of gate no.2 and 5 for entry exit as per specification made from time to time (Pickup and drop to be done in Basement)
    2. Entry for students : Entry point gate no.4, exit gate no.5 (await instructions for specified days)
    3. Auto : Entry from gate no.1 (Half an hour before schedule departure of students and exit from gate no.1 (on school closure). Pickup and drop at specified pickup parking.
  9. Students violating the traffic rules will be tackled very firmly by the school.
  10. Parents to see that auto rickshaw/van are following the specified rules :
    1. Only specified no. of students are commuting in auto/van.
    2. Driver is wearing specified uniform and bears a name tag.The auto rikshaw should have wired gate on the left side and backside of the auto.The right side be closed with an iron gate.
    3. It should not contain unauthorised gas kit.
    4. The vehicle should posses a valid fitness certificate.
    5. The driver is not engaged in smoking and drinking alcohol.
    6. The vehicle should contain first aid box/fire extinguisher.
    7. The driver is driving in permissible speed limit.
    8. The driver's behaviour is good with students.
  11. Parents sending their ward by auto/van hired by themselves should keep updated about the information of auto driver such as name, mobile no., auto/van no., photo copy of latest driving licence, Aadhar Card, RC of vehicle looking into safety aspect of their ward.
  12. In case emergency please Dial :
    1. Police Control Room Jaipur No. 100, 2575715
    2. Mahila Garima Help Line No. 1090
    3. Traffic Police Help Line No. 2565630
    4. Whatsapp Mobile No. 7300363636
    5. Senior Citizen Help Line No. 18001801253
  13. Car pooling system be adopted (as far as possible) to save petrol/diesel and also it will help in decreasing the load of traffic.
  14. Let us pledge to lead a safe life.