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Science Festivals

Science Festivals

We are not fearful of what is unknown to us. We pull up our socks, show up and that's how we grow up.

Science festivals are aimed at playing an important part in education. Many have events specifically aimed at students and/or teachers, such as workshops or offering curriculum-linked workshops, and science shows to regional schools throughout the year The strengths of science festivals lie in their unique role of creating strong and memorable impressions due to their time-limited nature and the variety of different engagement forms.

Far beyond just conveying information, science festivals provide students with the conceptional tools to understand scientific development in different areas of science

Artificial Intelligence and Science Centre
Virtual reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to reinvent education in the future classroom from a culture of teaching to learning through experiences Learning by Doing.

The Best Way to Learn
Hands-on learning is found to be more effective at information retention when students can touch, interact, and experience rather than just being lectured about the topics. It's these hyper-immersive learning technologies powered by VR/AR/AI that will enrich and open up a world of cross-cultural learning opportunities, from walking the streets of a foreign country through the Google Earth VR App to meeting Mona Lisa beyond the glass.

AI Meets VR and AR
By working together, VR, AR, and AI can produce content for whole curriculums and lesson plans -- the AI aspect would account for the technical, nuts and bolts while the VR and AR aspect would formulate the virtual experiences and simulations. These tools, along with augmented reality (AR), can also be very engaging for students This both prepares students by giving them close-to-real-life experiences but also allows for them to enjoy learning about what they're doing technologies in the classroom have many benefits on learners including increased content understanding, long-term memory retention, improved collaboration, increased motivation, and many more. Subodhians learn and understand typical topics through Augmented Reality. AR will help students to understand things in interactive way. As a piolet project, From Play Group to Class 8 students experiencing this new technology@SUBODHRambagh.

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